Raven’s Hollow Protogrove offers various classes and workshops for attending members. The skills our Grove members possess are many and various, from Reiki healing, to the bardic and visual arts, to jewel crafting, model making, and metalworking. Classes and workshops are generally held during Lore Meetings, after Walk With the Old Ones, and sometimes during High Rite campouts.

High Day Celebrations
For our High Rites, we gather around 3:00pm or so (unless otherwise announced). We have a pre-ritual briefing about an hour to thirty minutes before the Rite. This briefing fills you in on what chants will be sung and the outline of the ritual. Ritual is usually around dusk, but in winter we try to have it a little earlier. All of our Rites are held outside, unless there is a storm. Snow, light rain, heat, and mud do not keep us indoors. After ritual, we have a potluck feast and if the mood is right, drumming and dancing.

Spiritual Counseling
CedarLight Grove can provide brief spiritual counseling to those in need. For mental counseling, however, we recommend that you seek out a professional to speak with.

Rites of Passage
Coming of Age
Many of us at feel that our teens need to have the passage from childhood to adulthood commemorated. The teens must pass trials and tests before being publicly accepted as adult members of the Grove Community.

Baby Blessings
Raven’s Hollow’s liturgists will help you create a ceremony to fit your needs for naming, blessing and welcoming your child to the world. As fits your needs, we can host your ritual at Raven’s Hollow or come to the location of your choice.

We also feel that the transition into elderhood is a sacred time in your life. We offer guidance and counseling for the folk entering this new stage of life and rituals to mark and celebrate this change.


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