High Day Rituals

Raven’s Hollow Protogrove holds High Rites for every solstice and equinox and for the four cross-quarter or ‘Fire Festival’ days that are ordinarily celebrated throughout the Neopagan Wheel of the Year. In ritual, we open up Gates to the Above and Below worlds, and invite the Kindred of Earth—the Dead, the Gods, and the Spirits of Nature—to receive our worship and share in our hospitality.

We celebrate our rituals within one week (before or after) the traditional calendar date (usually the closest Saturday), so as best to accommodate the schedules of our community while still observing the passing of the seasons. The dates of our High Rites are announced at least one month in advance on our Facebook page.

Calendar for the 2015-2016 Ritual Year:

Samhain—23 October 2015
Primary Beings: The Dagda and the Morrígan
Prayer: “Establishing sovereignty through unity.”
Omen: “A good harvest will be reaped by the cultivation of patience and wisdom, especially in your speech. These tools will enable you to weather the stormy chaos and obstacles in your path.”

Yule—19 December 2015
Primary Beings: Týr and the Dvergar
Prayer: “Binding the forces of destructive chaos.”
Omen: “Order and stability can be created in the world by embracing simplicity and community, and reducing distractions and excess. Chaos can never be fully restrained, but it has been partially forestalled.”

Imbolc—6 February 2016
Primary Being: Brigid

Ostara—26 March 2016

Beltaine—30 April 2016

Midsummer—18 June 2016

Lughnasadh—6 August 2016

Mabon—17 September 2016

Samhain—29 October 2016

Yule—17 December 2016


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