Raven’s Hollow Events

Walk With the Old Ones
A short weekly devotional designed to sharpen ritual skills and to educate newcomers in the ways of Our Druidry. Held weekly at 11:30am.

Note: Our Walk With the Old Ones rituals are on a temporary hiatus until we can locate a new, more centralized location convenient to the majority of our membership.

High Day Rituals
The eight seasonal festivals celebrated by most Neopagans. The traditional dates are listed below; we hold our rituals typically on the most convenient Saturday that falls within a week on either side of that date.

  • Samhain—1 November
  • Yule—21 December
  • Imbolc—1 February
  • Ostara—21 March
  • Beltaine—1 May
  • Midsummer—21 June
  • Lughnasadh—1 August
  • Mabon—21 September

There are a number of regular festivals we enjoy flocking to as a pack, hosted by ADF and by other groups. These include, but are not limited to,

Informal Shenanigans
As often as we can arrange it, Raven’s Hollow Members like to get together for crafting or movie nights, or for Druids Nights Out on the town! Due to the widespread nature of our community, we cannot (at this time) plan those out on a regular basis, but watch the home page and our Facebook for announcements!

Piedmont Pagan Pride Day
Raven’s Hollow Protogrove is proud to represent part of our local Pagan community, and we support our local chapter of the Pagan Pride Project by providing workshops, volunteer service, educational material, and vendors. Our Grove Organizer serves as a Local Coordinator.


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