Membership Information

Raven’s Hollow Protogrove has four levels of membership or affiliation—Friend of the Grove, Probationary Member, Local Member, and Full Member—each with their own qualifications and associated privileges.

A Friend of the Grove contributes in the form of time, energy, or money fashion, and has been regularly attending or associated with Raven’s Hollow Protogrove functions for at least three (3) months, but has not joined ADF or applied for Grove membership. Local Grove Members cannot vote in National or Protogrove elections or make policy decisions, but they do have the right to voice their opinions and be welcome to all meetings and events.

A Probationary Member is someone who has applied for Local or Full Grove Membership, and is undergoing a review process by the Executive Officers. They retain the same privileges and restrictions as a Friend of the Grove until they have attended three High Day Rituals with the space of one year and been accepted by the rest of the Protogrove as a member.

A Local Grove Member is someone defined as a person who has applied for membership, attended at least three High Day Rituals within a year, been approved by the Executive Officers, and accepted by a majority of the Protogrove membership, but is not a member of ADF. Local Grove members cannot vote in National or Protogrove elections or policy decisions or serve in an elected Protogrove office. They do, however, have the ability to participate in the decision-making, voice their opinions, hold major positions in ritual, be welcome to all meetings and events, and be publicly recorded as members in official records following an oath of service to Raven’s Hollow Protogrove,. All Local members receive Protogrove literature and event happenings.

A Full Grove Member is referred to as a Wolf of Raven’s Hollow, with regard to the wolf-cults among the warriors of ancient Ireland and the process of faelad or ‘wolfing’ that was underwent as initiation into the service of the Morrígan.  Their application process is the same as a local member, but they must also be a current ADF member. Full Protogrove members can vote in both the National and Protogrove elections, receive Protogrove literature, National literature, and event happenings, run for elected Protogrove offices, and are welcomed as members at the first High Rite after completing their membership requirements and swearing an oath of service to Raven’s Hollow Protogrove, at which point their membership will be publicly recorded in official records and they will receive the title of ‘Wolf of Raven’s Hollow’. Only Full Grove Members may run for elected Protogrove offices.

Please note that full membership cannot be extended to applicants under the age of 18. For further information regarding membership, please consult Articles 3 and 4 of our Bylaws.


RHPG Membership Application Form

E-mail completed application to Our Grove Organizer will be in contact with you shortly!

First/Last Name (legal): 

Religious Name (if applicable): 

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy): 

E-mail address: 





Zip/postal Code: 

Please Indicate:

  • new membership
  • membership renewal
  • name/address change (indicate prior name/address )

Preferred Method of Contact:

  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • In Person

ADF Member:

  • yes
  • no
  • plan on joining

If you are planning joining ADF at this time, please visit their membership page here.


Please answer a few short questions so that we can get to know you a little bit, and gauge how best to acclimate you to ADF and our community at Raven’s Hollow:

How long have you been involved in Paganism?

If you have been involved with Paganism before coming to Raven’s Hollow Protogrove, what experience have you had? Which Pagan Path or Organization?

Are you openly Pagan with your family and/or friends?

What draws you to Druidry? Are you familiar/do you have experience with ADF?

In three words, how would you describe yourself?

Which Indo-European Hearth Culture(s) are you particularly drawn to? (e.g. Celtic, Norse, Hellenic, Vedic, Slavic, etc.)

What do you hope to learn or experience at Raven’s Hollow Protogrove?

Do you have any preference in a mentor? (Male, female, someone close by, communication via e-mail, etc.)

Is there anything you would like us to consider or any special needs, interests, comments or concerns you wish to voice?


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