About Raven’s Hollow Protogrove

Raven’s Hollow Protogrove is a sapling congregation of ADF (Our Own Druidry) founded in mid-2015. It was first conceived of in December 2014, when its founder was told in ritual by the Irish goddess the Morrígan to ‘establish a Druid Grove in honor of Herself,’ in order to bring together the widely decentralized Druid population of the Carolinas, and provide a public space for Pagans of all denominations to feel safe to come and worship.

We are a passionate and creative group of people, an assembly of bards, artists, healers, and activists. Inclusiveness, equality, and social justice are among our core values, and we use our skills, our voices, and our magic to foster a community of common humanity and equitable treatment, as befits our status as modern Druids.

Raven’s Hollow is currently run out of the home of its founder and Grove Organizer, where we convene for our eight High Day Rituals. We also gather periodically for craft and movie nights, Pagan Nights Out, and for short, weekly devotional rituals called Walk With the Old Ones.


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